Children are Inspired & Motivated

Get Well Maps illustrate progress towards goals with a fun, engaging method that helps to encourage children & reduce anxiety when faced with a medical challenge

Children of all learning styles & developmental abilities benefit from multi-sensory learning strategies

Personalized name & photographs foster pride in goal achievement

Whimsical Artwork becomes a keepsake that illustrates the child’s perseverance

Complex Medical Dialogue is easier to comprehend and is softened by metaphors that children are interested in and can understand

Get Well Maps add Visual Strategies that enhance comprehension (Auditory Processing is limited during Stressful Events)

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Families are Encouraged

  • Get Well Maps visually illustrate their child’s progress towards their goal of going home
  • Provides a tool for parents and caregivers when children ask difficult-to-answer questions like “When Can I Go Home?”
  • Families are encouraged to see incremental progress during stressful times when they are displaced from their daily routines & environments

Medical Teams are Excited

  • Integrates into Interdisciplinary Care Plans (Can be customized & tailored to specific patient population & organization needs. Please  contact us)
  • Enhances Developmentally-Appropriate, Child Centered Communication between children and their medical teams
  • Ensures that patients and families know that getting them Home is an Interdisciplinary Goal
  • Enables effective Discharge Planning while maintaining  timeline Flexibility
  • Ready for immediate use to maximize time for direct patient care. Easy to display,  transport & sanitize

Healthcare Administrators See Positive Outcomes

  • Highlights your priority to deliver Exceptional Individualized  Care
  • Advances your commitment to Patient & Family-Centered  Initiatives
  • Provides a tool that Improves Developmentally-Appropriate Communication between Children, Families, and Interdisciplinary  Team  Members
  • Improves the Patient and Family  Healthcare Experience


Thanks to our Sponsors and Supporters for Inspiring Our Get Well Map Foundation’s Mission!