Become a Hero

Are you or your business looking for ways to make a positive, innovative impact in the lives of children, families and the professionals working with them?

Your Business can be Heroic by Helping & Encouraging Young Heroes


The Get Well Map Foundation creates and provides Get Well Maps that help to encourage children and families facing medical challenges. Our Maps are fun, interactive visual aids that illustrate progress towards a meaningful goal. Designed as developmentally-appropriate, child-centered tools to ease anxiety during childhood illness, injury or disease, our Get Well Maps enhance functional communication between children, families and medical teams by engaging children in the healthcare process with a method they can easily understand. Designed to be tailored to a child’s interests and personalized by the child and their family, our Maps become a personalized piece of art and lasting keepsake for the child to proudly display their perseverance.


Provide a vivid, engaging Patient & Family Education Resource that makes a positive impact with children and families throughout their journey to improved health and discharge home!

Connect with your customers by providing Get Well Maps for distribution on their unit. Each Map can be customized with your logo, demonstrating your commitment to improving the health and recovery of children facing medical challenges!


Provide a fun, child-centered Educational Keepsake that makes a positive impact with children and families throughout their journeys towards their goals!

Sponsor NEW THEMES that are fun and engaging for children, and highlight your business too! Artist, John Donato will consult with you to embed features of your business into the artwork!

Our Wish List includes:

  • Construction/Building/Heavy Equipment themes
  • Farm theme
  • Everyday Hero theme (Police, Firefighter, Military)
  • Tween/Teen Themes-Skatepark/Video Game/Amusement Park
  • We would love to hear your ideas!

With your partnership, we can Bring a Blend of Art, Therapy & Functional Communication to Healthcare Environments to Ease Anxiety & Improve Outcomes!