Get Well Map Foundation

Originally founded as Child Inspired in 2014, the Get Well Map Foundation, Inc. was formed in late 2018 to more effectively fulfill its mission of creating and providing interactive, child-centered tools, resources and therapeutic trainings to ease anxiety and improve developmentally-appropriate communication between children, families and medical teams during childhood hospitalizations and medical challenges. Through creative collaboration with patients, families, sponsors and healthcare teams we are able in drive our mission forward in order to make a positive impact in the lives of children and families facing medical challenges. Inspired by her son’s medical experience, our founder and Occupational Therapist, Christina Connors, and Artist, John Donato began collaborating to create developmentally-appropriate, visual communication tools: Get Well Maps that could help bridge communication gaps between children, families and healthcare professionals. With fun, engaging themes and therapeutic methods, our Get Well Maps are designed to be tailored to the child’s interests, and personalized by the child and family with photos or drawings. With the medical team’s facilitation and guidance, their Get Well Map becomes a communication tool that helps to visually track a child’s progress towards their individualized discharge goal, time frame and medical milestones. Each Get Well Map features a “Neutral Zone” to help reduce overwhelming medical jargon and discouragement if/when medical setbacks occur.

Learn more about our founder, Christina and her son Andrew’s personal story and medical challenge that led to the development of the Get Well Map Foundation. Thank you to our supportive Board of Directors and the generosity of Sponsors and Partners that make this inspiring work possible!


To create and provide innovative patient & family centered tools & resources that reduce anxiety and improve communication between children, families and medical teams, in order to inspire improved outcomes and make a positive impact in the recoveries of children and families facing medical challenges.


To inspire hope for children and their families, reduce anxiety, and enhance collaboration with medical teams to help navigate individualized healthcare journeys.