Fresh Ideas-New Illustration and 25 Get Well Map Sponsorship



Sponsor new Get Well Map themes that are fun and engaging for children, and possibly highlight a theme close to your heart too!

$1000 Sponsors a New Illustration and 25 Maps to a Pediatric Healthcare Organization of your Choosing

Your tax-deductible contribution will provide meaningful and engaging Child- & Family-Centered Medical Education Resources that highlight your commitment to making a positive impact on children and families facing challenging medical journeys.

We will feature your business or sponsorship logo or other personalizations on each Get Well Map upon your request. 

As an artist expression of our gratitude for the creative work you have helped to facilitate, we will create an exclusive, artist-autographed, 18×24″ Get Well Map for you to feature in your home or business.  

Our Wish List includes:

  • Construction/Building/Heavy Equipment themes
  • Everyday Hero themes (Police, Firefighter, Military)
  • Tween/Teen themes (Amusement Park, Ninja, Skate Park)
  • Nature/Faith-Based

We would love to hear your ideas!!! Please let us know if there is a theme that is close to your heart or if you would like to create a Get Well Map in honor of a loved one that is themed around their favorite inspirations.

Thank you for your consideration!