Pediatric Oncology Stickers



  • A pediatric nurse, child life specialist, social worker or other member of the child’s medical team should apply 1 sticker (or 2-3 max at a time) to the child’s Get Well Map to provide families with a visual cue that prepares them for the next upcoming milestone(s) that needs to be addressed in the child’s plan of care or discharge planning pathway.
  • Stickers should be applied in the sequence that best aligns with the individualized needs of the child & family and their Interdisciplinary Plan of Care.
  • Blank stickers are provided so the medical team and/or family can add extra individualized milestones. Use a thin sharpie to identify the milestone.
  • Don’t forget that a milestone can be depicted in the neutral zone, as it might be a milestone that needs to be achieved to end a set-back or pause in medical progress.
  • Each milestone sticker is adjustable & removable as the child may request that these milestones are removed after achievement. Remember that this is a child-centered tool that is intended to help engage children as active participants in their medical care.
  • Don’t forget to have the medical team autograph the back of the child’s Get Well Map with words of inspiration, encouragement and well wishes!

Help children and families personalize their Get Well Map, so that it may become an individualized keepsake that depicts their bravery and perseverance throughout their unique journey navigating medical challenges!


Clinical-Milestones related to a child’s medical and nursing goals

ADL/Physical Care Needs-Milestones related to a child’s therapy goals (PT and OT)

Social Emotional-Milestones related to a child/family’s mental health needs and child life goals

Home Transition-Milestones related to discharge preparedness and social work goals

Medical Education-Milestones related to patient and family medical education goals


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