Team Journey


Each Get Well Map:

  • Is created on a durable surface that can be sanitized in healthcare environments.
  • Is sized 12″ x 18″ for visual appeal, but also for ease of access and use at the bedside.
  • Includes directions in English & Spanish, and a “repositionable” sticker that is moved together by the child and treatment team in correspondence with the child’s progress.
  • Has a themed “neutral zone” that helps to facilitate child-centered communication with use of metaphors that soften medical jargon and reduce anxiety during set-backs.
  • Has spaces designed to adhere photographs or drawings for personalization. 
  • Has space designated for autographs and well wishes from team members that have made a positive impact in the child & family’s care.
  • Is created, manufactured and assembled in the USA with love & prayers for a speedy recovery!

Make sure children & family’s remember your organization’s commitment to patient & family-centered care by including the logo of your healthcare organization or business on each Get Well Map (added upon request).


Encourage and inspire a child facing a medical challenge with this sports/physical activity theme that is fun, lighthearted and has a strong emphasis on teamwork! Positive outcomes require medical teams to communicate and work collaboratively as a team, and utilizing a child-centered visual tool helps to keep the child actively engaged in developmentally-appropriate communication about their discharge plan and medical progress.

And you gotta love the silly squirrels embedded in this Get Well Map that help to ease anxiety and remind us all to embrace a spirit of playfulness!